HMRC Investigation/Enquiries

HMRC Investigation/Enquiries

Billions additional annual tax that HMRC are targeting through HMRC Investigation/Enquiries and compliance activity;

  • Increased levels of investigation in to taxpayers
  • Wider powers of investigation and data access

HMRC Investigation/Enquiries

All business are subject to  HMRC Investigations/Enquiries at some stage.

HMRC Data Gathering Power:

HMRC doesn’t just have access to tax returns, Land Registry, DVLA, trade associations and banks but it is much more than that.
Some of this data goes back years and is continually accumulating.
All of this data is fed in to Connect – the £80M HMRC strategic risking database tool; this automatically generates enquiries.

Why Contact Us:

  • Expertise and experience in dealing with HMRC
  • Peace of mind that the experts are dealing with matters
  • Dealing with HMRC on your own could make matters worse
  • Early intervention can lead to early resolution
  • Additional tax due can be avoided or mitigated

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